We CAN Common Core Standandards

28 Apr


Okay, let’s talk common core standards, shall we? There are different common core standards for the grade levels. Finding the CCS’s for your grade level is pretty easy. All you have to do really is Google them. The CCS’s may vary among state to state quite differently so it is obviously key to find the standards under your own state. I am interested in fourth grade, as I have mentioned before, so I took the liberty of finding the CCS’s for fourth grade in NJ. Here is the link to the Common Core State Standards website.  Feel free to take a look around before continuing with this post. Finished? Okay, moving on. Now that you’ve looked around, you might have realized its a lot to take in.

While on Pinterest I found a few things that may help.

First,  something that will not only help us as educators but the parents of our students as well.

Here is a link to a website that has parent friendly CCS’s. They are downloadable and very nice for breaking down the standards.      You just have to click on the grade level you want and a pdf file will open. Once you open it there are easy to follow bullet points as to what each student is expected to know and what the teacher is expected to be teaching each student. This is extremely helpful. Here is the link to the 4th grade standards pdf.

This next resource is not only parent and teacher friendly but also student friendly. This website offers an easy to understand check list for each subject and grade. Once you are one the page you can choose which grade Once you choose the grade another page opens up and you choose which design you would like and then click on the link to the pdf. This is the pdf I chose.

Looking for resources such as these are really helpful all in the learning process. It is important to not only us as teachers to understand the standards but for the students and their parents as well because the students will be doing the learning and the parents will be assisting us in the teaching.



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  1. Teacher Help For Parents April 29, 2013 at 2:16 am #

    Thank you! Great post.

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